Relaxation Massage & Therapy / English spoken Shiatsu session in Zutphen


Sometimes its difficult to relax and improve relaxation on our own.

To achieve total body awareness and relaxation I work with shiatsu techniques and breathing sessions.

Shiatsu, which originates in Japan, is a form of touch therapy that uses finger, palm, or foot pressure to achieve relaxation and to stimulate the body’s vital force. This removes tension from muscles, eases pain, and encourages circulation. All of these work together to increase self-healing and decrease symptoms as for example restlessness, breathing problems, bodytension, feelings of sadness, worry or even anxiety.

Shiatsu is an ancient art that can be used as an alternative healing therapy to alleviate your symptoms. In shiatsu, special techniques are used to maneuver the flow of Qi or energy in the body to prevent and treat illnesses such aShiatsu centers the Qi or energy of the body by directing its flow within the body.

Breathing sessions help to stimulate and improve the flow of your breath and get in touch with deeper layers in your body. It can reconnect you with your emotions and help to resolve blockades.

In a shiatsu or breathing session we discuss and look together what is necessary for you.

We work on a Futon or a Shiatsu Chair. Its helpful and comfortable to wear flexible clothing. After a session its important to drink water during the day.